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Chicken Chow Mein SEN Club

The first cooking session at the Monday SEN Club. Two of our club users Wobi and Shahin wanted to learn some cooking skills with the help of Abul Bashar. The concept behind the cooking club is to develop some independent living skills by preparing easy quick meals.

The dish of the day was Chicken Chow Mein and both Wobi and Shahin followed step by step instructions from Abul. At first they was a bit nervous and worried if they would be able make a nice meal but as the amazing smell of the spices was going around the kitchen and the club area they knew it would be a success.

Both Shahin and Wobi started to take orders from the other club users and sold a sample portion for £1. The idea behind selling a small portion was to recoup the ingredients money as well as making it affordable for everyone to have a taste of the prepared dish. There was enough to feed 30 people and they managed to recoup £18.

The dish was truly a mouth watering experience with all the amazing spices and aroma of the dish. The rating was a 10 out 10 and only complaint was that there wasn't enough of it. Staff and services enquired about the ingredients and wanted to replicate the expereince.

Vallance funded the project with some cooking equipment and paying for the ingredients on the day.

In the coming weeks and months the club will be planning to make more easy make meals. With the success of the cooking club in the SEN club Vallance will be looking to expanding the cooking club in their boys and girls club.

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