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Pancake Day at VSCA

The Monday VSCA SEND club celebrated Pancake day a day early during the club session. With all the ingredients bought beforehand it was left for the club users coming into the kitchen and making their own pancake and adding their own toppings and designs.

One of the aims of this occasion was to help the club users become more familiar within an kitchen environment and become more confident cooking and heating food. A special thanks to Helga, Zaynab and Abul for helping and guiding the club users how to make the pancakes. Some of the club users went away feeling confident that they can replicate the pancake making at home independently.

The club session was a delightful atmosphere with club users sitting with a cup of tea and their pancakes.

What's next at VSCA SEND Club?

Easter's around the corner so will be looking to paint and decorate some Easter Eggs.

In May it will be Ramadan and like last year we will be hosting an evening to break fasting together.

Special thanks to Junel and VSCA for funding the cooking utensils and all the ingredients. Junel was rewarded with a Pancake with extra strawberry and chocolate sauce.

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