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Community Sports Programme

The main activities of Vallance Football Club is that it currently runs coaching sessions and compete in leagues and cup tournaments all over London with 10 football teams of young people under 25 years. There are summer schemes arranged annually and at holiday times to ensure that young people have sports activities ongoing all year round. We engage & train volunteers who assist our coaching and we run coaching programmes in partnership with other agencies on an estate level to gain young people’s involvement in sport which could lead to employment opportunities in the sports.


Weekly structured football coaching sessions at the Mile End Leisure centre and Weavers Field offered free of charge to young people aged 9-21 so that they have regular access to structured football coaching and physical activities. Sessions are delivered by qualified coaches and volunteers with the possibility of the children/young people moving onto other levels of participation (eg, engagement in leagues, further development of skills etc);


Bite-sized focused football training that seeks to develop the skills of the children/young people and provides an incentive to pursue health and sports related career paths.


Partnership with local schools a range of after-school sports clubs are established and continued. This is to promote health and sports focused activities as extra-curricular activities; and utilise the school as a platform for safe and consistent access to sports and physical activities;


This programme will be geared towards providing structured sports coaching and fitness sessions, raise awareness of health issues impacting the community and ways to address them.

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