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Vallance Football Club was established in 1997, at a time when community football in Tower Hamlets was undergoing major structural changes, e.g. formation of the BFA (Bangladesh Football association UK), introduction of League Bangla and the prestigious Mayor's Cup.


Although officially formed in 1997, the team existed in the Vallance Road area for many years, hence the name "Vallance". To broaden its objectives, Vallance Community Sports Association (VCSA) was formed in 2001, the over-arching organisation for football and cricket.

From the outset, our organisation operated with the support of committed volunteers.


In the last 10 years we have become a Charity (1113112) and a Registered Company (4804762) and successfully provided quality-sporting opportunities, namely football and cricket, for many young people in the London borough of Tower Hamlets and the surrounding boroughs.


While the football and cricket sides were developing, it was recognised that Vallance needed to develop as an organisation to manage activities professionally and to effect community involvement.


This led to the involvement of people with experience of voluntary organisations, who provided crucial support on areas such as:  


- Fundraising

- Capacity building

- Establishing the organisation as a permanent service provider of sports and recreation in our target areas in London.


Thus we are continuing on the learning curve whilst delivery successful sporting activities in terms of competition and the soft outcomes achieved by the young people e.g. in building team work and confidence building.


VCSA is an effective voluntary charity through registration, formalisation, effecting new management techniques and raising funds to support all aspects of the work.

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