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Volunteers Programme

The Volunteering Programme enables young people aged 16-24 to be recruited as youth volunteers. The young people will engage in 200 hours of community work over a 12 month period. Their volunteering will be accredited by V (a national youth volunteering scheme).  


The youth volunteers will provide support to our following programme of work:


1) Sports coaching for young people including people with SEN/LDD,  

2) Holiday schemes,  

3) Events and Day Trips,  

4) Training and Workshops.


As part of the volunteering the young people will be trained and accredited in small bite-sized qualifications (such as Basic First Aid, Child Protection, and Sports Leaders awards). They will also be mentored by our existing staff and sports coaches providing them with valuable transferable skills and experience.


This will enable the young people to access mainstream education, employment and training opportunities.  


By the end of our project we aim to achieve the following outcomes:


1.    Raise their aspirations by engaging them in positive activities and empowering them to make a difference in their lives and others through the ethos of community volunteering.  


2.    Equip them with a basic training and experience in youth and community work.


3.    Encourage them into education, training and employment opportunities.


We target young people from the BAME community. Many of them are disadvantaged due to coming from low income and overcrowded households, suffering from low levels of educational attainment, exposed to criminality and anti-social behaviour. Additionally, the young people will be those not in education, employment or training (NEET). 

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