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Player:                Shaihinur Rahman

Age:                    18

Age Group:        Senior Team

My Name:           Iqbal Hussain

My Job:              Learning Support


Being part of VSCA is like extension of your family. 


To have both my sons involved in the admin, coaching and playing side makes feel honoured and proud.

Player:                 Hamzah Ahmed

Age:                     11

Age Group:         Under 11’s

My Name:            Imran Ahmed

My Job:               IAG Manager

My son has trained with Vallance FC for over 4 years and has thoroughly developed and flourished under their coaching and supervision. Hamzah regularly attends football training sessions on Saturday’s, and was fortunate enough to be fast-tracked into playing league and cup football at various venues, leagues and events, which has been excellent for his self-development and his football awareness.


I always thought my son was going to be a forward, and despite his initial stint playing in defence, the coaches at Vallance were very quick to identify his strengths and play him in the position where they felt he could fulfil his potential. Training and playing with Vallance FC, I have seen Hamzah develop and acquire additional key skills whilst being in this football set-up.


He has also made very good friends, allowing him to express himself confidently whilst being part of a team/group, increasing his confidence as young boy. I could not recommend Vallance FC enough to any parent keen to get their child to start playing football.

Player:                Jahid Uddin Khan

Age:                    18

Age Group:        Senior Team

My Name:           Junel Uddin

My Job:              VSCA Project


As a staff and parent of VCSA, I'm very proud of my son's involvement with the organisation. 


He has come through the VSCA Youth  ranks and represented in every age groups and now is part the senior team.  As a father it gives great motivation to support my son.

Player:          Md Tayeeb Zeeshaan      

Age:              11

Age Group:  Under 11

My Name:     Shuhed Miah

My Job:        Self Employed            

I'm part of the coaching team of VSCA, I've been involved for over 3 years. 


Through VSCA I've acquired the relevant skills and qualification to become a better coach and manager. 


My son plays for the under 11 and I'm so proud of him and the group.  They have achieved fantastic success and awards.


Every competition they have entered have given them victory.

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