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Hat-trick of Victories

Three in a row…. The Vallance Disability football team make a hat-trick of victory in the South London Special League. The weather was scorching hot and the players had to work really hard and not showing any signs of their normal goal scoring self. The first 4 games they won by 1-0 and kept good shape of the team.

The attackers seem to be happy with the 1 goal and the heat was also the factor. The team had an unbalance set up that is due to the fact that Ryan the normal center back was missing. His calm presence and driving runs and goals from distance was missing.

The team had to rotate in defence with Ali, Imran, Azimol & Arif who all did well throughout the tournament with only conceding 1 goal. Shahin Ahmed goal keeper was also playing some Man City Ederson passing which led to couple of the goals.

In midfield was the enforcer Salam who sometimes kicks the opponent instead of the ball. The attackers were both CJ & Wobi who both individually were great and if only they can somehow pass to each other then they will become a great partnership.

We had to wait until the last game to find out if we will win the tournament and the team kept the best for last and scored 3 goals against 2nd favorites Millwall. A cross from CJ and a header from Wobi sealed the victory. The team celebrated with each other the coaches and then was presented with their medals during the presentation.

The man of the tournament was Wobi who kept rallying his team mates, he was very vocal during every game and also top scorer.

The team will be presented additional awards during the VSCA award ceremony on the 30th April at the Atrium.

Special thanks to new coach and staff member of Outward Rokib Choudhury who himself plays semi pro level. The team has a great coaching team behind them with Abul Bashar, Junel Uddin and Abul Anam. Also thanks to Outward and BPCA for providing the players from their Tower Hamlets support schemes.

The Special league will take a break and will resume in mid July 2018.

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