Pool Competition at the Monday Club

Monday15th July saw our first Pool competition at the SEN Monday Social Club. The competition was very popular and we had many people who wanted to take part. The eventual 8 participant who took part bought a mixture of abilities and skills. The tournament had a clear favourite but as all tournament has a shock this didn't break that tradition. With Jason losing in the first round it motivated and gave hopes to others. Jason showed amazing sportsmanship and stayed to support the other participants. The competition created a bit more buzz during the semi finals and finals. With everyone looking on, some of the participants were slightly under pressure but kept on producing amazing shots fo

Special League was back.

After a long break this year the VCSA Special League team took part in the final games before the summer break. The team was missing so many key players and we had to do with a make shift team. With the new addition of Jevan who played in defence the team still had quality. The players who usually didn't get much game time before had a great opportunity to shine and they certainly did. Azimol who played in midfield worked tirelessly in the heat supporting both defence and attack. Azimol surprised everyone by scoring from a direct corner, it was a curler which confused the opposition goal keeper. Jevan who was immense in the back and no seem to go pass him and if they did they had Shahin to

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