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Pool Competition at the Monday Club

Monday15th July saw our first Pool competition at the SEN Monday Social Club.

The competition was very popular and we had many people who wanted to take part. The eventual 8 participant who took part bought a mixture of abilities and skills.

The tournament had a clear favourite but as all tournament has a shock this didn't break that tradition. With Jason losing in the first round it motivated and gave hopes to others. Jason showed amazing sportsmanship and stayed to support the other participants.

The competition created a bit more buzz during the semi finals and finals. With everyone looking on, some of the participants were slightly under pressure but kept on producing amazing shots for the audience to clap and cheer on.

The final was between Imran and William. Imran Ahmed was crowned champion and became the first Pool competition winner at the club.

Congratulations to all the participants and the two finalists.

Special thanks goes to Abdul Alim senior support worker for the Outward Outreach team. Abdul organised and promoted the tournament within a short period and created such amazing event. He also managed the pool competition on the day. Great work.

Special thanks to Junel and VCSA for buying the medals and also supporting the competition.

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