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Disability programme ends with sports day

Disability programme ends with sports day

On Tuesday 24th June 2014 at the Mile End stadium under the burning sun on a glorious day the Vallance Disability Sports programme came to an end at the Sports day.

The sports day is a climax of an 8 week programme run by the Vallance Community Sports Association (VCSA) in partnership and funded by Tower Hamlets Positive Activities for Young People (PAYP).

It started back in April 2014 with 2 days of multi sports coaching for people with Disability at the Mile End Leisure centre. They took part in sessions that included football, cricket, hockey, athletics, tennis and bocchia. At the sports day they came together to show their talent and compete in competitions against each other.

This is the 6th sports day and every year it is getting popular. Over 250 people packed the stadium and 150 participants with all forms of disability took part in Football, Cricket, Bocchia, Tennis, Golf and Athletics. Project manager of VCSA Junel Uddin said "today is for all the people that took part in our SEN programme over the last 8 weeks.

They are here to have fun and compete for prizes. Every participant will get a medal for taking part and that's what its about. We are delighted with the turnout and the weather as always is great. We at VCSA are very grateful to the Tower Hamlets PAYP for letting us continue to provide this programme and give these young people a great day to showcase their talent".

Zuber Ahmed who is a service user at the Disability organisation APASENTH said "I have been taking part in this programme for 4 years and it is getting better every year. We don't get a day like this so we are very happy that VCSA provide this". Link for short video -

Results from the day: Football- Winners APASENTH Runners Up - BPCA Cricket- Winners APASENTH Runners Up - Blue skies project 60m sprint- 1st- Faruk Ahmed 2nd- Juber Ahmed 3rd- Abdus Salam 100m team relay- 1st- APASENTH 2nd - BPCA 3rd- Tower Project

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