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Senior Done Well

The Vallance FC senior football team ended the BFA Summer 2015 Division 2 as the runners up. They have been promoted to the 1st Division for summer 2016 behind Aberfeldy FC who were champions. The two teams also contested the 3rd Division last summer with Vallance again runners up.

The game between the two teams on Sunday 16th August 2015 was the decider. Vallance FC just needed a draw to be champions and Aberfeldy needed to win. It was a close game which was decided with 3 minutes to go and Aberfeldy scored from a corner to break the hearts of the Vallance FC players.

Manager Junel Uddin said "What a way to finish the summer of football. We were in control of the division but it came down to a set piece in the last 3 minutes to decide we finish 2nd. The Aberfeldy team won the league by 1 point and we know they are a good side. I have nothing but praise for my players and know we will be stronger. Its a few weeks off for them now and we are back to training in September to prepare for the East London Sunday Football League".

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